What is Compost?

Compost is the managed process of generating large amounts of humus in a reduced amount of time that has been sanitized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth. Compost is an organic matter resource that has the unique ability to improve the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of soils or growth media. In addition, finished compost bears little physical resemblance to the raw material from which it originated.  Although compost contains plant nutrients, it is NOT characterized as a fertilizer.

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How does Compost Work?

Compost provides an almost constant source of a soil amendment. The organic materials in the compost help your plants grow by loosening the soil and allowing better root penetration. Compost increases microbial activity, which creates a healthier environment for plant growth, while the texture improves moisture retention in your soil. Compost even helps moderate the pH of your soil.   Through regular use of compost, you can drastically reduce or even eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, which saves money and reduces contamination from run-off of our waterways and drinking water.

How is our Compost Produced?

First, the green waste is grinded up into woodchips(1) and then mixed with pre-approved bio-solids(2) to create long rows called “WINDROWS”(3).   Each windrow must maintain a constant temperature of 131° F for 15 consecutive days and is turned(4) a minimum of 5 times to ensure maximum microbial activity.   This effort is to ensure that all plant, weed seeds and  pathogens are killed during the composting process.  The compost is then picked up and run through  a 3/8’’ Trommel screen(5)for the production our product, which is tested monthly to ensure the integrity of our compost before it is made available to the public (6).

U.S. Composting Council

U.S. Composting Council

USCC Since 2003 The BVSWMA, Inc. Compost Facility has been a part of the U.S. Composting Council, Seal of Testing Assurance Program.  This affiliation requires additional quarterly testing along side our established testing parameter outline by our state’s Environmental Regulatory Authority (TCEQ).

Available Products

Compost – This is a fine grained compost that is high in organics and has little or no bulky agents in it.  This product can be mixed with existing soil or broadcast over lawns to encourage growth of shrubs, plants, and grass.  A soil to compost ration of 4:1 is recommended.  If broadcasting over turf, we recommend a 1/4 inch layer application. Compost is sold in any quantity, small or large. Customers may purchase it by the pound to tons. For smaller quantities please bring bags or containers to use to load and store the compost.

Woodchips (Mulch) – Ground/shredded green-waste that consist of small to medium size woodchips.  Mulch improves the appearance of a landscaped area while reducing erosion, retaining water and protecting soil from harsh weather conditions.