Recycle Used Tires

Used tires are accepted at the Twin Oaks Landfill.  All of the tires collected by BVSWMA, Inc. are shipped to Liberty Tire.  Liberty Tire provides beneficial use of the used tires including landscape mulch, crumb rubber for athletic fields and alternative fuel.

Please notify the Scalehouse that you have tires.

You will be charged as follows:

< 19.5″- $3.25 Per Tire

19.5″- 24.50 “- $8.65 Per Tire

< 24.50″- $21.60 Per Tire

Other Options for Tire Recycling/Disposal

City of Bryan Drive-in Recycling Center offers Tire Recycling for  BRYAN RESIDENTS ONLY!!

Please follow these guidelines:

*Must bring a current BTU bill & matching driver’s license

*Only passenger tires allowed

*No RIMS allowed

*Limit 8 tires per year

Call for more information:

Bryan Drive In Recycling
2202 Briarcrest Drive, Bryan, Texas
(979) 209-5675