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All vehicles must be properly covered/secured before entering the facility. Unsecured or inadequately secured loads may be assessed an additional fee of $30.00.
Proper covering materials can include tarps or nets. Proper tie-downs can include bungee cords, ratchet ties, heavy-duty zip-ties, s-hook systems, chains, threaded cords or rope.

Standard Tipping Fee: $30.00 per ton ($2.00 minimum fee) for Municipal Solid Waste (residential and commercial). For information regarding disposal of household hazardous wastes, click the Household Hazardous Waste tab.

Special Waste Tipping Fee: $40.00 per ton (1-ton minimum fee). We accept the following special wastes; dead animals, non-friable asbestos containing material, sludge, grit, grease, contaminated soils, food.
Prior authorization/approval is required before special waste can be accepted (with the exception of dead animals). Scale attendant must be notified when entering the facility with special waste.
For additional information regarding special waste acceptance, please contact: [email protected].

Hard-To-Handle Tipping Fee: $50.00 per ton (1-ton minimum fee). Hard to handle material can include bulk railroad ties\landscape timber, bulk concrete poles, bulk utility poles. Other large hard to handle materials will be identified on a case-by-case basis.

Oil Recycling Center (residential use only): Accepted materials include: motor-oil, cooking oil, antifreeze, oil filters.

Electronics and Appliance Recycling: Accepted materials include: computers, monitors, car batteries, washers/dryers, stoves, water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, water coolers, air conditioners (freon unit pricing listed under special fees). Cellphones and batteries (rechargeable and single-use) are accepted for recycling (see scale attendant for details).


 Tires (in addition to standard tipping fee):
   <19” $3.25/tire
   19”-24.5” $8.65/tire
   >24.5” $21.60/tire

  Freon Units:
   $10.80/unit (in addition to standard tipping fee)

  Additional Services (available upon request):
   Pull-off $25.00 (per attempt)
   Backhoe assistance $50.00
   Forklift assistance $50.00
   Equipment assistance $25.00

 AVAILABLE PRODUCTS (pick-up only):

   Compost: $28.00/ton or $1.87/bag
   Mulch: $8.00/ton or $1.87/bag
   Base rock: $26.24/ton
   Rock 1X3: $32.70/ton


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