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Converting Landfill Emissions into Clean Renewable Natural Gas

The use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from the Twin Oaks landfill helps reduce landfill gas (LFG) emissions and provides a sustainable and renewable energy source.

The Twin Oaks Landfill collaborated with Morrow Energy to establish the Twin Oaks Renewables facility, converting landfill gas into renewable natural gas. This facility captures methane gas from the landfill and upgrades it to high-quality, clean renewable natural gas for pipelines. Beyond producing an essential energy source, this process benefits the environment by mitigating landfill gas emissions, enhancing local air quality, reducing odors, and positively impacting the Bryan and College Station communities.

RNG facilities like the Twin Oaks Renewables plant are setting a high standard for the industry and are demonstrating how energy can be produced in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. The 43 Morrow built RNG plants generate enough renewable natural gas to heat over 400,000 homes each year. The combined reduction of greenhouse gases from these plants has an environmental impact equivalent to planting over 18.5 million acres of forest each year.

To learn more visit Twin Oaks Renewables.

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