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 Effective October 1, 2019, the Twin Oaks Landfill gate rate will change from $26.69/ton to $28.00/ton. The Twin Oaks Landfill has not had any gate rate increases since opening in July 2011.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a low market rate while operating a quality site for our customers. If you have any questions please feel free to email customer service:  or call 979-764-3832.

Thank you for your continued business.

  Standard Tipping Fee: $28.00 per ton, with a $2.00 minimum
Special Waste Tipping Fee: $38.44 per ton, with a 1-ton minimum
Deceased Animals: $38.44 per ton, with a 1-ton minimum
Customers must notify scale attendant when entering the facility with special waste or animals for further instructions.
Questions on waste acceptance please contact customer service at 979-764-3832.

  <19” $3.25+weight
  19”-24.5” $8.65+weight
  >24.5” $21.60+weight

  Freon Units:

   Pull-Off $25.00 per attempt
   Backhoe Assist $50.00
Forklift Assist $50.00
   Equipment Assist $25.00
   Unsecured Loads: $15.00 per ton, with a 1 ton minimum

  Bagged Products $2.00 ($1.87+tax)
  Bulk Compost $28.00 per ton
  Bulk Mulch $8.00 per ton
  Base Rock 21.00 per ton
  Seasonal Firewood: .07 per lb


2690 State Hwy 30
Anderson, TX 77830
(979) 764-3832

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